Investment Strategy

B Investments has a clearly delineated investment strategy that is rooted in its on-the-ground access and deep knowledge of the Egyptian market. Supported by 24 qualified investment and support professionals that together bring a wealth of knowledge in numerous sectors, B Investments has built a stronghold of financial and operational knowledge that has been the cornerstone of its successful investment and post-investment management strategy.

At B Investments, our primary goal is to unlock value for all stakeholders through a hands-on approach that sees us work closely with our portfolio companies. Our success is built on a four-pronged investment strategy: building a focused portfolio, seeking high-quality growth capital opportunities, actively unlocking value, and providing exclusive opportunities.

While we have both the skill and knowledge to seek out investments across sectors, our hands-on approach necessitates that we focus on our home market of Egypt and that we maintain a focused, limited portfolio of companies so that we highlight the core competencies of our partners.

Following a clear-cut invest-grow-sell strategy, B Investments seeks to double the size of investments and their valuations every three to four years. As such, we limit our investments to those that provide high-quality growth capital opportunities, beginning with a stringent screening and filtering process to identify best-in-class opportunities.

Once we have a potential investment candidate, we utilize an active approach to unlocking value, from developing a Value Creation Plan to working hands-on with management on detailed operational, financial, and strategic plans that will drive growth and profitability.

Because B Investments does not enter into standard sell-side bidding process, it leverages its standing and brand equity to gain access to unique investments that are not available to the market as part of its wider value-creation strategy.