The Gourmet Group (Gourmet) was established in 2006 and is one of Egypt’s leading food retailing and food manufacturing companies. Gourmet’s current operations are comprised of two business lines:

  • Food retailing through Gourmet Egypt (GE)
  • Food manufacturing through Gourmet Food Solutions (GFS)

GE currently operates 16 strategically located stores across Egypt offering a wide range of groceries, high-quality fresh produce and exclusive in-house developed and manufactured products. Its in-house products, which are manufactured by GFS, include ready-cooked meals, oriental specialties, pastas, soups, bakery items, dairy, gelato and confectionary.

GFS operates Gourmet’s food processing and manufacturing business, which is comprised of i) a meat and poultry facility, which includes a butchery, a beef processing unit, and poultry processing unit, and ii) a kitchen, which is comprised of seven business lines including an oriental kitchen, bakery, pastry, pasta kitchen, ice cream laboratory, and garde manger. In addition to manufacturing the group’s exclusive in-house products sold in GE stores, GFS also caters to restaurants, hotels, cafes, and other food retailers.

Gourmet enjoys a strong brand name that is associated with high-quality products. With c. 900 employees, Gourmet is ideally positioned to further enhance the business-to-business operations and lead the market in meeting changing consumers’ habits through its retail operations.