Gourmet was established in 2006, and it has become one of Egypt’s leading food retailing and food manufacturing companies. Gourmet’s current operations are comprised of three business lines:

  • Food Retailing: 19 stores strategically located across Egypt
  • Food Manufacturing: Two manufacturing facilities producing Gourmet’s branded products
  • E-Commerce: A solid e-commerce platform that allows Gourmet’s customers to shop its products through a state-of-the-art mobile application and website

Gourmet currently operates 19 stores across Egypt offering a wide range of groceries, high-quality fresh produce, and exclusive in-house products. Gourmet develops and manufactures its own-branded products and food solutions which include ready-cooked meals, oriental specialties, pastas, soups, bakery items, dairy, gelato, confectionary, and others.

Gourmet owns and operates two food processing and manufacturing facilities: (i) a meat and poultry facility, which includes a butchery, a beef processing unit, and a poultry processing unit, and (ii) a kitchen, which is comprised of seven business lines, including an oriental kitchen, bakery, pastry, pasta kitchen, ice cream laboratory, and garde manger. In addition to manufacturing its exclusive in-house products—which are sold in Gourmet stores across Egypt—Gourmet’s facilities also cater to restaurants, hotels, cafes, and other food retailers.

Gourmet has always been on the forefront of keeping up with changing consumer habits and demands and staying up to date with international trends. The company recently invested in three strategically-located delivery hubs across the greater Cairo area to support and grow the company’s e-commerce business.

Gourmet has established itself as a strong brand that is associated with high-quality products. With c. 1,200 employees, Gourmet is ideally positioned to further enhance its retail and online business and lead the market in meeting the various needs of consumer’s everchanging habits and behavior.