March 31, 2019

B Investments Releases FY2018 Financial Results Posting a Consolidated Net Profit of EGP 194 Million Recording a 46% Y-o-Y increase

B Investments reported today its audited results for FY2018; posting consolidated Revenues of EGP 245 million, compared to EGP 172 million recorded during 2017 and implying a 43% Y-o-Y growth. The growth in Revenues were mainly derived from growth in dividends received and share of profits from portfolio companies, in addition to Finance Income.

Earnings before Tax grew by 53% to reach EGP 209 million despite one-off consultancy fees related to the company’s initial public offering in 2018.

FY2018 Net Income after Tax reported a Y-o-Y growth of 46% to reach EGP 194 million on the backdrop of the reasons mentioned above. B Investments achieved a Net Income margin of 79%.

The Board of Directors of B Investments convened on the 28th of March 2019 and will recommend to the Ordinary General Assembly to approve the distribution of c. EGP 80 million in dividends to shareholders which translates to a dividend of EGP 0.5 per share

“We are very pleased with the growth achieved during 2018 across all of our portfolio companies” said Hazem Barakat, Chairman of B Investments. “We expect all of our portfolio companies to continue to excel during 2019 as new investments that were completed during 2018 will begin to deliver results throughout the year”

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