July 16, 2019

Giza Systems Awarded Largest Smart Water Meters Project in Saudi Arabia

B Investments is pleased to announce that Giza Arabia (Giza Systems’ subsidiary in Saudi Arabia) has been awarded the Major Smart Water Meters Project in the Northern and West-Northern Regions in Saudi Arabia for a value of c. USD 30mn. It is noteworthy to mention that B Investments owns c. 45% of Giza Systems.

In its efforts towards achieving the Kingdom’s vision of 2030, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture in collaboration with the National Water Company (NWC) and the Civil Works Company have awarded Giza Arabia the major Smart Water Meters project to supply, install, and replace the existing meters in the Northern and West-Northern regions in Saudi Arabia in cooperation with Civil Works Company Ltd, one of Al-Rashed Group’s companies.

The project is crucial for the Kingdom, as it is one of most important water waste reduction projects in the Kingdom’s National Transformation Program. It will position KSA at the forefront of smart cities by 2020, for its efforts geared towards the automation of city water systems and reduction of water losses. In addition, the project will allow for the constant monitoring of real estate feed networks to ensure the delivery of water to customers during scheduled pumping periods, as well as ensure proactive measures are in place. The implementation will effectively reduce operational costs, enable the requisite infrastructure needed for advanced technological systems, and optimize the use of data systems, which will enable the Kingdom to address the water shortages faced and unsustainable consumption issues.

The massive project promises a wide range of benefits to the Saudi government in terms of the management of water resources through real-time monitoring of consumption and leaks. Moreover, the project will enable automatic reporting of smart water meter readings and its
integration with the existing billing system to generate automated and accurate water bills on a regular basis, resulting in a substantial increase in the integrity of water bills and the improvement of collection rates.

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