August 29, 2018

Fahad Al-Tamimi

Mr. Fahad Al-Tamimi is a noted Saudi businessman and founder of Tamimi Investments and Mining Co. and is a senior consultant to the founder and chairman of Saudi Consult where he previously served as CEO and president. He has an extensive track record in diverse fields such as oil and gas, engineering, construction, shipping, trading, real estate, mining, and general investment. Over the last three decades, he has been at the center of a number of significant infrastructure projects in the Middle East across the energy, mining and transportation sectors. He served as the Chairman and Co-owner of Worley Parsons Saudi Arabia, which held a significant market share servicing the engineering sector in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Tamimi has also been Chairman at Kerr Mines Inc. since June 30, 2016. He has a BSc in Chemical Engineering from University of Petroleum and Minerals in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and an MA in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Houston, Texas.